Do you think its a good idea to have a community voted member to be part of the cryptoadz team or should the team be closed to new members forever?

So, simple idea: A vote to elect a community representative to be part of the CT team, or should the team remain the same forever? Given that its a CC0 project where the community has a big role, it feels that the community wont have a voice without a representative in the team. It doesnt feel consistent with the principles of Ethereum, CC0/Open Source for toadz to be a permission/centralized project where the community doesnt have a voice on decisions that touch the infrastructure (multisig, discord, twitter, royalties,etc)
I understand that the votes initially were created for grant proposals but if the community has lots of things it wants in terms of governance that aren’t being addressed, its a problem for the project, and fixing it can probably help a lot more than a grant or two. We all want cryptoadz to succeed and that is the most important thing

Hi Bulrathi - thanks for putting this up as an idea. I’ve moved it to idea incubation as you mention it is more of an idea than pilot proposal. With that said, what kind of representation would you want? What would you see happening with that that isn’t today? As a cc0 project anyone can do anything with the art and there’s no roadmap, so curious what you’re thinking here.