Cryptoadz And ai: proliferate Cryptoadz and get paid when your CC0 token is used

Main concept

Cryptoadz collectors become creators thanks to blockchain and ai! I’ve been playing for a while with artificial intelligence, with the goal of using it to let anyone feel the joy of creating content. Despite all the tools we have, it is hard to easily come up with original ideas and a decent result. So I built an engine that allows you, starting from your Cryptoadz or one randomly assigned to you, to get a final result with the same art style of Cryptoadz by selecting 3 words from a random set that I provide, to easily build a prompt.

You get 4 outputs in return and you can pick your favorite to be minted on the blockchain. I built this on L2 (Optimism) to save gas fees each time you mint, but I am looking for feedback on whether L1 is better.

I also wanted to explore CC0 as a way to both give anyone the experience of Cryptoadz and also rewarding the holders. So if you mint one starting from your token, minting is just 0.002 ETH (basically to cover the cost of the AI engine). But if you start from another token, which I randomly assign to you, the cost is 0.004 ETH and 50% of that goes to the token owner! I’m very excited about this approach and would love to get your feedback on it.

Current status

The project is already online, I just put it there. I love to build stuff and see what happens, plus I think having something ready is better for ETH coming from a CC0 community. You can access it via I want to involve the community and launch it in 2 weeks. I am calling this an Open Collection: it will be time bounded to 3 weeks to give people time to mint as many as they want just like an open edition, but like a collection each result will be different rather than the same one. I minted one already and you can see it here:

Requested budget

Total: 4 ETH

2 ETH: free minting for the first 1,000 tokens created by Cryptoadz holders (1,000 * 0.002 ETH)
1 ETH: I’ve put a lot of work in this project and I’d love to get 1 ETH in retroactive funding for the time I spent on it
1 ETH (or 1 Cryptoadz): giveaway to attract non Cryptoadz holders to the community: we will ask them to share their AI created result and one submitter will be selected to win the Cryptoadz (this does not have to be sent to my wallet, I’d be happy if someone from the community handles it)


March 28 - April 10: Collect feedback, define L1 vs L2 decision, create page explaining the project, stress test the platform, voting
April 10: Launch the project, coordinating the Cryptoadz community to tweet about it
April 15: Cryptoadz + ai raffle - submit your creation and win a Cryptoadz (regarding the 1 ETH requested for this, as mentioned I’m happy if someone from the community handles it or otherwise I’m happy to have the 1 ETH sent to me only after the Cryptoadz is assigned)
May 1: Close the Open Collection! The created NFTs define the first collection ever created by man + ai
May 5: I did not put this in the budget but I think it would be super cool, and it would incentivize people to join, if we start a Twitter poll and the most voted Cryptoadz+ai is purchased for 0.5 ETH

Wallet for funding



  • Income opportunity for Cryptoadz holders: as mentioned, 50% of the fee to mint a Cryptoadz+ai coming from a token you do not own goes to the Cryptoadz holder
  • Royalties: I set royalties at 5% and I’d love to share that with the DAO managing this grant
  • Cryptoadz as prime CC0 community: I think this project would establish Cryptoadz as the best CC0 community leveraging their unique art to spread CC0 culture in a fun and financially healthy way


I am a Computer Science Engineer with previous experience at NASA, Stripe and GE, who fell in love with the blockchain as a way to improve the world and I think fun unique experience at the intersection of AI and blockchain is what will bring the masses to Web3. This is my Linkedin: and this is my Twitter: @donquixoteth