Creation of a Cryptoadz Advisory Council (CC0 Dream Team)

Hello toadz,

So my idea for a proposal is the creation of a cryptoadz Advisory Council with great CC0 thinkers of the NFT space. CC0 projects are something new in this space and there is a lot that we dont know about on how to best manage and give direction to a project like this. Should everything be 100% decentralized and based on voting? Should certain decisions be made without a vote? How does a decentralized brand can build it self? There are lot of questions and I believe an advisiory council can help to understand them or at least to increase the probability that the right decisions will be made.

I believe the cryptoadz team would benefit a lot from having direct contact and get feedback from the best CC0 minds in the business. Worse case scenario, the conversations would be a great way to brainstorm ideas
The proposal would be requesting 0 ETH as the work would be done on a voluntary basis (and most of the names already own many toadz so they have an incentive to participate), plus I believe there is something prestigious to being part of a council in such a beloved and iconic project.

Invitations to these thinkers would be made to see if they would be interested in the role and if they were not, we would move on to the next person. I believe at least a few of them would accept. The list of names that I propose are the following (more can be added, please mention others names in the comments bellow):

-Vincent Van Dough
-Punk 6529
-Bharat Krymo
-Dom (dhof)

Essentially cryptoadz would become the CC0 dream team between the current members+the advisory council. I believe the odds of success of this project would increase materially and just the thought of something like this being voted and approved by the community, makes me want to buy another toad!



I would also add @krybharat as well as @Anonymoux2311 to that list of potential council members


This would be a big step forward for CrypToadz. I understand that it would take the time of some of these individuals and I’m sure their time is at a premium, but we need a path forward. Also, that’s part of the fun of the project, to buidl. :hammer_and_wrench:

Hope they chime in. Thanks for submitting this.


That would be awesome. How do we go at approaching them? Maybe we need to have some internal structure defined so they can advise formally to ? Or invite them to help us define it?

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This is a huge and critical initiative. We need diversity in people and expertise. I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), woman and have been a leader in business development, operations and finance for ~ 100 various technology and cannabis startups for the last 10+ years. For the last 1 + year I have been fully immersed in NFTs, DAOs and web3. I am a toad for life and believe I would be a great asset to the Advisory Council given my skillset and perspective. I am an advocate for CC0, understand financials and how to manage budgets that align with business goals and firmly believe in giving back.

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Those are all very valuable members of the community whose guidance would definitely be beneficial. I think they can do that in their roles as holders though without having to take on the responsibility of being part of an advisory board. There are also tons of others that could be great voices as well that are holders and embody the ethos of what Cryptoadz are about.

I think what is more important than an advisory board or a ceo is a clear purpose and aspiration for the project. What do we represent? What does it mean to be a toad holder? What makes us unique in the space?

If we are a cultural GitHub repo as @HEEEEEEEEEEE has suggested then we need to as a community craft our vision. We need to start figuring out ways to make other holders more proactive as voters and engaged in the community. There are tons of things that can be done to making the lily-pad a destination that holders tune into more regularly, but also that others in the space want to participate in as well.

All this is to say yes guidance and recommendations from the people on that list would be great but the power of this project is that it is giving each of us a chance to be a meaningful participant in shaping the future of the project. So instead of asking for a dream team to come lead, let’s all play our part.

Right now the space is littered with false promises. Very little has been built in actual products that people actually want to use regularly, yet that doesn’t stop some projects having insane floor prices. It’s all mindset, communication and confidence. I could (but won’t) cite examples of projects that have disappointed with their actual attempts at products thus far but because of how their community projects confidence to the rest of social media and because of relentless marketing their floor price does not drop.

Lets each do our part to contribute.


My 2 cents:
An advisory Council’s job would be only to give advice/feedback/directions on proposals made by the community, to be executed by the community as well. We can’t expect this folks to work for free and they themselves do the job of coming up with ideas and executing them, or making use of their network. No matter how much toadz they hold and how much they love toadz, nobody works for free.

If the idea is to have a board of “Curators of ideas”, Im all in favor for the proposal and I think they will be honored and gladly do the task assigned to them. Asking more than that isn’t fair and I don’t think they will agree.


I like the idea but getting the influential people mentioned here to participate could be difficult. Have you reached out to any of them yet?

I also like the idea and will vote yes to the proposal, but think we need to flush out the role and expectations of what an Advisory Council would look like. In my experience, that would include a Council Charter that explains the purpose, expectations, and aspirations of the council. IRL, I’m an attorney focusing primarily on institutional governance matters. So, I’d be happy to pick up the pen to help flush this idea out with others, if my service would be helpful to moving the effort in a positive direction.

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Hi - We’ve removed the snapshot vote for this because the snapshot was put up before the 7 day discussion period.

We want to also iterate that anyone can take on to make an advisory council and run that and share information with the community in our CC0 project. We’ll be sharing a blog post further reiterating the goals and learnings from our pilot so far on this front to help clarify for the community the pilot learnings and intentions.

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