Should the cryptoadz community have access to transcripts or a view-only mode of the conversations of CT team?

Hi Toadz,

I would like to ask for feedback for a potential proposal for more transparency from the team so the community can understand what is going on behind the scenes and be able to make better decisions. So my question to toadz owners is: Should the cryptoadz community have access to transcripts or a view-only mode of the conversations of CT team?

I believe they have a private channel where they discuss ideas regarding the project and make big decisions (the decision to create a grant treasury with community proposals being the biggest one). I personally would like to see these conversations so we have more transparency

Sometimes it feels like the proposals discussed are at odds with CT team internal discussions, but we don’t know about those discussions until proposals are raised. Then whoever submits the proposal or idea feels demoralized and doesn’t want to try to submit anything else as they’re not necessarily in the know of what the CT team has in mind or would otherwise prefer.

Having meeting minutes may be helpful. idk.

This feels like a mischaracterization to me.

Some proposals have been sufficiently detailed and actionable, while others have not been. There has not been a proposal that I’m aware of that received pushback from team members on the basis of it being against some agenda (beyond the agenda of funding community grant applications with specific objectives, milestones, deliverables, funding, timeline, etc.)

Regarding the topic itself: No, private conversations between team members will not be made public.

Do you speak for the whole team?

Also, if this were to be votted and it passed with 90% of yes vs 10% of nos (with say, over 200 Quorum), how does the team will handle conflicts like that? The project cant be ‘no roadmap, community based’ and then have a huge disagreement with the community on something and think that everything is going to be fine while controlling key pieces of infrastructure.

Ultimately, the only thing this project has is its community and if people feel like they are not being treated well, the community will move on and/or fork the project away from the team’s hands (like it happened on Penguins). IMO for this project to succeed, there are issuances in the governance of toadz that need to be addressed

The Community Grants program exists in service of funding projects with specific objectives, milestones, deliverables, funding requirements, timelines, etc. that serve the interests of the Cryptoadz community and/or public goods. Toad holders are invited to participate in voting for or against complete and valid community grant funding requests. That is the entire purpose and purview of this program, not unilateral governance of all things toadz or governance of toadz team members and their personal privacy.

Once the team opened the pandora box, there is no going back. Its dencetralized project where the community plays a huge role (according to the team own statements). If these issues are not solved and the project languishes for an extended period of time, a fork becomes invitable. team members can close their eyes and say this doesnt fit the definition of the purpose of the program but at end of the day the community owns this project not the team

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You are more than welcome to fork Toadz. The art assets are CC0.

im not referring to the art, im referring a contract wrapper. so royalties, a new discord, team, twitter, etc. I think that would be very bad for the image of the project but if conflicts with the community arise and they are not solved, eventually it will happen or the project just goes to zero and people move on. I dont think either scenario is ideal

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It would certainly be an interesting experiment.

I don’t know which I like less. This idea or the coinbase one.

We can push for decentralization and maintain some centralized elements and certainly respect privacy. I like the surprises the team provides. Mistletoadz, budvibes, treasury were not on the roadmap but the team did that quietly in the background. What I feel like many are asking for is direction though and wanting to know what the project stands for. I know the website is coming soon and hopefully all those things will be clearer.


i agree. the scope of these proposals should be spending eth from the toadz treasury.

re: this thread - toadz creators have been super transparent about there not being a roadmap. additional scrutiny of people feels intrusive because no one’s promised anything.

Honestly if you’re frustrated with toadz I would either sell the toad(s) you have or just stop participating in the discord and this forum. There are lots of other projects out there.

Toadz are cool but it’s not worth the heartburn if the teams ambitions don’t align with your own.

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What we are hoping to continue to see from the community is these level of topics and iterations of ideas on where/how to expand.

You frustrations are warranted, but the purpose of this Community Treasury has been defined in the recent thread: Community Grant Pilot Updates. !vibe Toadz of the swamp! We hope… | by CrypToadzMedium | Mar, 2022 | Medium .

I suggest continuing to participate with the Discord and forum.