How to get your grants funded

Welcome to the Community Grant Proposals section. Here you can submit your grant proposal after discussing it informally in Discord. Then wait a week for community comments and afterwards you can submit a snapshot vote on the proposal.

What does a good proposal look like?

You’ll need to cover these key questions:

  • Main concept: what will you do or produce?
  • Current status: is this an idea, proof of concept, MVP, or established project?
  • Requested budget: How much total ETH are you requesting?
  • Roadmap: beginning point, end point, milestones and anticipated challenges. This will need to include funding milestones so we can monitor your project progress. For example, you could have a design stage milestone, a prototype milestone, and final project milestone.
  • Wallet for funding: please include a wallet you’ll want ETH sent to if successful.
  • Value: What value will this project provide to grow the Cryptoadz ecosystem?
  • Team: Who is working on it and what are their roles? What are their qualifications? Do they have any evidence of previous completed work? Provide below.

How do you put your proposal up for a snapshot vote?

  1. Go to Snapshot
  2. Click join
  3. Click the new proposal button
  4. Copy the name of the forum thread with the grant proposal discussion for title
  5. Add in the amount being requested in eth and link to the forum thread full proposal
  6. Add the options to approve or reject the proposal

Here is an example of what it should look like after reaching step 6.

  1. Select the start date on the right (remember whenever the proposal starts it will take 1 week to complete voting). We recommend picking the same day you set this all up.
  2. Click publish
  3. Share the published link as a comment in the forum thread of the proposal itself and promote it in Discord and Twitter.

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