Custom Toadz as playable characters in Toadagotchi (aka Tiny Citizen)

Concept: Introduce free-to-play custom Toadz as playable characters in Toadagotchi (aka Tiny Citizen)

For those who aren’t familiar with Toadagotchi, everything you need to know can be found in this forum post which details the complete history of development. Or, if you’re a CrypToadz holder, check out the game yourself here

Players will be able to make custom toadz with a new and improved playground, all the details of which can be found here

Current status: This is in the prototyping phase, currently experimenting with the exact tech stack we’d need to bring this idea to life

Requested budget: 7E

3.5E/mo @ a rate of $1500/E ~= $5.25k/mo (annualized to ~$63k yearly)


There are a bunch of methods to make this work technically, some of which I’ve never tried before but I know it’s possible. I’ll need some time play around with ideas and libraries to see which is the best route.

3-4 weeks: brainstorming, prototyping

3-4 weeks: architecture, implementation, final testing

Total: 6-8 weeks


For non CrypToadz holders: It’s a fun, easy, and low barrier entry for new people to enter the CrypToadz ecosystem. New players will be able to level up and earn in-game and out-of-game rewards too!

For CrypToadz holders:

  • This is an opportunity to spread the vibe to family and friends outside of our web3 bubble, increasing brand exposure.

  • While non CrypToadz holders can still earn rewards, only those who own a CrypToad will be eligible for even more unique and exclusive drops/rewards in and out of game (take the CrypToadz hat and Nouns glasses as an example) This drives demand to own a CrypToad in order to be eligible

Technical Details:

I’d also like to point out some disclaimers regarding custom Toadz as playable characters. The following is the current tentative plan and may be subject to change:

  • Users who are creating custom toadz for the purpose of playing in Toadagotchi will have a limited selection of toad traits to start. More rare toad traits will be unlockable by reaching certain levels in game or by spending points

    • However, all toad traits and configurations will be available for everyone and anyone for the use of exporting/sharing regardless of level or if you’re a CrypToadz holder or not
  • Players who have created a custom toad for Toadagotchi can change their toad traits as many times as they like for free, but we are looking into limiting the amount of times you can change your configuration/name per month - will listen to community feedback on this one

  • The game will support one custom Toad per wallet (but you can create as many wallets as you like obviously). Looking into supporting multiple custom toadz per wallet in the future.

  • Players who own CrypToadz won’t be able to make a custom toad in the same wallet, but we are looking to add this functionality later (for now, just use a different wallet if you want to play with both).


heyjeff.eth - Long-time CrypToadz supporter / holder / developer

PixelFowl (aka Johann) - Python and CrypToadz animator extraordinaire. Johann was crucial in bringing toadz to life as playable characters in Toadagotchi

Our big accomplishments include:

  • Made all 6,969 toadz playable characters in Toadagotchi
  • Rewarded 90+ unique players with exclusive CrypToadz merch from the game
  • Made 75,000+ unique CrypToadz animations publicly available as CC0

Thank You

Thanks everyone for reading! If you have any questions about this proposal I’d be more than happy to answer them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly on Discord either heyjeff.eth#3954