CrypToadz Cenzuz 2023

Who makes up the CrypToadz community? How can we create initiatives that surround our community’s demographics and values? How can we imprint some historical data to look back on and compare year after year for the CrypToadz?

Our goal is to create a CrypToadz Cenzuz (Census) to gather information about our CrypToadz community. By gathering some demographical information, we will compile a simple report disseminating the information we gather. We wish to conduct this Cenzuz on a yearly basis to establish historical snapshots of the community in the years to come. We will create a new census each year to see how we grow and vibe!


For CrypToadz owners who complete the form, they will be rewarded with a FREE mint featuring a wonderful art piece from ilustradora. The 2023 Cenzuz will be open for 2 weeks. Starting [start day/time] and concluding: [end day/time] so that as many toadz as possible can participate!


Artwork .15ETH

AddressForm fee .05ETH

BitError and SuperTightWoody Admin .4 (.2 each)

Total Budget: .6ETH

This proposal will be put up by Lil Toadz DAO

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