Ultimate CrypToadz Playground (Revised)

REVISED: Per community feedback, the playground will now be it’s own standalone prop. Previously, it also included plans to make custom toadz built using the playground to be playable characters in Toadagotchi. We still plan to do this, but that’s now been moved to it’s own prop.

Concept: A state-of-the-art CrypToadz playground we need and deserve!

Snapshot voting link: Snapshot


Playground Features: While the current playground for CrypToadz is good, it lacks key features. Here are a few things we’re going to upgrade:

  • Images for visualization: No more wondering what each trait looks like from a dropdown text menu. Everything will be visible for you to easily navigate and look through.
  • Easy toggle tall/short toad height
  • Sorting: Sort traits alphabetically or by rarity.
  • Dynamic searching: Search any trait by description or ID. Traits auto-populate as soon as your start typing!
  • Favoriting: Have a thing for Toadenzas? Blood bones? Explorers? Easily star your favorite traits for quick access the next time you revisit the site.
  • Randomization: Quickly and easily randomize all traits or just one at a time for maximum toadz creation throughput
  • One-click share-to-Twitter button: Instantly and seamlessly share your creations to Twitter with one click
  • Animate your toad: For any toad configuration you build, you can easily preview and export it in 1 of 11 states: (idle blinking, happy, drinking coffee, drinking health potion, yawning, sleeping, sad, eating mushroom, eating pizza, playing a gameboy, sick)
  • Upload custom traits: The playground will support uploading custom hand-drawn attributes for you to easily layer over a toad (think NFL jerseys, Santa hats, or custom Noggles).
    • Toadz with custom attributes will be animate-able in only a select few states
  • Enter an existing toad ID
  • New never-before-seen traits: Get ready for tall Ghosts, Gargoyles, and Blood Bones :eyes:

To get an idea of the complete functionality, check out the playground we built for Nouns.

Current status: We have a barebones proof-of-concept of the playground up and running (see above gif)

Revised budget: Requesting 5E total for the completion of the playground with all the features as advertised


Complete + polish the playground: ~6 weeks


I think it’s important that toadz have access to an easy-to-use and fun builder. Some of the bigger value props are the share-to-twitter functionality and the custom asset uploader imo. These are two big pain points that I see toadz deal with regularly. If there’s an easy way to upload custom assets and share them instantly I think that’s a big plus for the community.


I have plans to continuously update the playground with small updates here and there based on community feedback as a pro-bono service. I’m just out here tryna make actual tools people will love and use. I hope y’all enjoy this builder as much as I do!


heyjeff.eth - Long-time CrypToadz supporter / holder / developer

PixelFowl (aka Johann) - Python and CrypToadz animator extraordinaire. Johann was crucial in bringing toadz to life as playable characters in Toadagotchi

Our big accomplishments include:

  • Made all 6,969 toadz playable characters in Toadagotchi
  • Rewarded 90+ unique players with exclusive CrypToadz merch from the game
  • Made 75,000+ unique CrypToadz animations publicly available as CC0

Thank You

Thanks everyone for reading! If you have any questions about this proposal I’d be more than happy to answer them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly on Discord either heyjeff.eth#3954


Cool idea. How hard would it be to get animated toads or even toad traits into already existing gifs/memes/images and upload them to something like giphy? Let’s make it easy as hell to get Toadz out der.

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Thank you sl for the comment! With the new playground, it’s extremely easy to export any toad configuration in a variety of states as a gif.

While it’s not an all-encompassing meme/gif maker, it does aid in meme creation by giving you access to animated Toadz that you can use anywhere in the traditional process of making your own memes/gifs.

I think a stand-alone gif/meme tool is something we should build too, and I see this playground as a nice complimentary app to that

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