Retrofunding the CrypToadz Sticker App


For those who are not aware, CrypToadz has a stickers app.. I released this last year and have generally tried to keep it fresh with holiday themed toadz, trending CrypToadz derivative projects, etc.

To date there has been 796 units “sold” (the application is free) and 5,240 updates applied (many users have multiple devices hence why the number is higher). This is actually pretty high for an iOS app that’s only a stickers app. Most sticker apps are bundled with a primary iOS application so that bumps up download numbers a lot.

Each time CT influencers share how much they enjoy the stickers app, I’ll see a spike in downloads.

The stickers app is likely the most used application in the CrypToadz world and we’re the only NFT project to date with a stickers app. What’s great is the stickers app gets CrypToadz out of the NFT ecosystem and in front of normal everyday folks who haven’t seen toadz before. I’m sure many of you have sent these stickers to friends and family.

Hopefully this stickers app has not only brought you joy but also brought in more toadz collectors. If you bought your toad because you saw a sticker shared with you, please share! Some projects have gotten more volume from being featured in this CrypToadz stickers app. Hopefully a few of the 1 of 1 artists featured have also benefited.

I plan to keep things fresh and make sure new derivative projects are added. G.I. Toadz will be arriving soon hopefully.

I haven’t run any ads for this. The only promotion I do is on my Twitter and tagging projects that are featured. I may run ads in the future. There are a few things that I could do in the App Store to make the CrypToadz stickers app more App Store friendly like providing better App Store preview images or even a video. I haven’t done this due to time constraints.

I’m submitting this grant proposal to be retrofunded for all the work done to date. This is not just making the app but networking with other projects, marketing, and being first to market for an app like this which I definitely think the project benefited from.

Total amount requested: 3.35 ETH. This is the 90 day average price of a CrypToad.

I believe this stickers app has certainly generated an equivalent amount of volume for the project.

Thanks for your support.


I support this proposal

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I love the app and would love to see you getting some funding for the work you’ve done but my personal rec. is that instead of labeling it retrofunding, we label it as continuing to update and improve the app which you clearly are doing already. I know I’ve downloaded updates to the app several times already.

I just don’t want anybody to knock on the proposal saying well what good is it to me to fund something that’s value has already been added in to the ecosystem. Either way myself I’d be supporting this. I use that app all the time and I really recommend you all to download it, which reminds me it’s about time I left a a review on the App Store for it. I know the impact reviews can have on apps.

I think it’s important that retrofunding be considered here. Nouns DAO does this. If it’s not, few (no one?) will be incentivized to build and ship first prior to asking for funds. We should reward those who are proactive and try new stuff with CrypToadz, imho.

Glad you like the app, and thank you for the review.

The amount of time put into getting this to market, marketing the app, working with other projects and artists has been nontrivial so your support would mean a lot. I do love CrypToadz and would like to continue to build things for it.


That is a good point. I didn’t need much convincing but I’m glad you laid out the case for retrofunding. Another good reason for it is sometimes if we post our ideas on platforms like this other projects could lurk and front run ideas initiated on here so there is advantages to seeking funding post build.

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I support this! great work :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

As a periodic user of the Cryptoadz Sticker app, I find it to be a fun and enjoyable addition to the Cryptoadz ecosystem.

Like you mentioned, I believe this is a great way to get Cryptoadz in front of web3/web2/non-NFT folks and look forward to seeing you continue building, optimizing, and potentially marketing this product.

You have my support.

Hey there, this proposal looks complete, clear request of funds and purpose. Thanks for posting it and I see you already put up a snapshot too after 7 days. Ideally we’d first just let you know that we find this to be something that has a clear proposal the community can vote on. This looks good to me though so we’ll go ahead with your already live snapshot vote. Thanks!

For others wanting to vote here it is: Snapshot


My bad. My understanding was that after 7 days I was good to go. Oops.

After 7 days + one of us saying this project seems properly setup to be funded. Yours is in good shape so it is fine this time, but yes for future proposals that’s the idea so we don’t have the community vote on something we’re not sure how to fund.

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gm this is alex - Can you let us know what wallet you’d want the eth sent to? Thanks!

Sure thing.


Thank you!


Funds sent, congrats!

Thank you. Appreciate the support.