Grant Proposal: Premium Cryptoadz Athleticwear

Proposal: Premium Cryptoadz Athleticwear


Main concept

I will produce 200 premium athletic t-shirts + 300 professional high socks, all custom designed by myself and manufactured by a large-scale domestic manufacturer who specializes in large-run high quality custom apparel. The startup capital provided by this grant will pay for the initial manufacturing of the shirts+socks. I have already built the online storefront, and ordered custom incremental tags (ID numbers like x/100) to be added to each shirt. This way, the shirts are limited-run collectors items with unique IDs. There are two variations of which 100 of each will be manufactured: 100 light and 100 dark.

Current status

This is already somewhere between an MVP and an established project as I have already completed the shirts design, set up an online storefront using Shopify, and have already received physical samples and performed a professional photoshoot to model the apparel. I need to redo samples for one variation to make sure the color is exactly how I intended but I will start large scale manufacture of some variations immediately.

Requested budget

A total of 3 ETH is being requested ($4500) which will cover just the manufacturing costs for the 200 shirts. I am paying for the online storefront, marketing, shipping, labelling, the manufacturing of the socks, and of course my own time.

Equity back to the Treasury

This grant has an end goal of paying back to the DAO all of the ETH that it is requesting. As shirts are sold, 50% of all net revenue from each shirt shall be converted back to ETH and paid back to the DAO. Even if this ends up exceeding the 3ETH amount, that 50% net revenue will continue to flow back to the DAO. Hopefully more ETH is generated back to the DAO than is required up-front, proving that DAO grants can be a self-propelling engine of venture capital.


Design + Prototype Stage Milestone

This milestone is already met. Designs for the shirts are already completed. I ordered samples (total cost $250) and performed a photoshoot ($50)(I make a wonderful model as it turns out.) I also already set up the online storefront ($30/mo).

Sales Begin Milestone

This milestone will be met when the first batch of shirts are ordered with the startup capital, manufactured (takes 6 weeks) and shipped to the staging facility (my residence!) to be ready for shipment. I expect an additional 2 weeks for adding the unique ID tags to each shirt. Once they are ready, the Shopify store will have ‘inventory’ added so they will actually be available for sale (wont be “out of stock!” like it is now.)

Sales Breakeven Milestone

This milestone will be met when half of the shirts are sold, so therefore roughly initial costs are recooperated and the DAO will have been paid back what it paid out.


Shirt Sizes

The shirt sizes must be pre-determined, so based on statistics I am going with 12% small, 40% med, 40% lrg, and 8% xl. These shirts are unisex. Luckily the socks are all just one size fits all.




This project will grow the Cryptoadz brand in terms of visual branding since the shirts and socks may be worn around in person. This project also intends to actually pay back the initial grant plus additional net revenues so that if the apparel fully sells out, the DAO will actually have made a return on the money. In this way, 50% of net revenue flows to the DAO. Furthermore, 5% of net revenue flows to a non-profit to help safe Amphibians and Reptiles - the Tuscon Herpetelogical Society has been chosen so far. The remaining 45% of net revenue will be used to reinvest in the enterprise and to begin manufacture of the next seasons limited apparel runs.


I (InfernalToast/ApexMfer) am working on this project alone but I am always open to feedback and suggestions in the Cryptoadz Discord. I am a full time Solidity + web3 developer by day - thats how i make money. I have built the ERC20 0xBitcoin,, Swampz/OnSecondary (Open-source NFT Exchange ), and a plethora of other smaller projects that you will find on my github. While I have extensive experience with GIMP, Procreate, and Inkscape software, this is my first foray into apparel. Fortunately, the supplier that I am working with has been in the industry for 10+ years and books tens of millions of dollars of business annually and the samples I have received from their designers are buttery soft and are sublimated on 100% polyester (no risk of washout - extreme color durability).

OnSecondary Market OpenSource NFT Exchange + Solidity Contracts
GitHub - apexmfer/onsecondary-market: Monolithic repo for api server, image server, web server

Shopify Website where this apparel will be sold (once fully manufactured if grant passes):

I definitely think unique merch would be great. Hope you go through with this. The socks look great and I’d buy them.

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