Cryptoadz - Night Run Integration Proposal

Cryptoadz In Night Run Game Proposal

TLDR: We are asking for $15,000 USD (ETH Equivalent) to help us spread the Toadz vibez by incorporating them into the Night Run video game which will be released for free for all to play on Steam.

What Is Night Run: a conceptual art project that incorporates a night time motorcycle video game, an NFT collection about imaginary AI powered fashion houses and a video documentation series providing a behind the scenes view of the creative process.

Night Run YouTube Playlist - My story exploring AI Art and NFTs as an indie game dev - YouTube

Goal: Introduce players of the Night Run game to Cryptoadz by:

  1. Adding Cryptoadz art to the game as a collection that owners of Night Run tokens can add to their curated routes through the generative city (see screen above).
  2. Working with the Cryptoadz community in the Toadz Discord to develop and select ideas for a custom Toadz themed feature in the game. (Example: Cryptoadz bobble heads on the motorcycle dashboard)
  3. Feature the process of building the feature and collaborating with Toadz holders in our YouTube documentary series about the project.

Project Outline:

  • Proposal (you are here)
  • Funding
    • Reach agreement with Cryptoadz community and team on funding for the project
  • 2D Cryptoadz Art:
    • Incorporate 2D Cryptoadz into the Night Run game by placing them on billboards which appear as you drive through the procedurally generated city
    • Cryptoadz holders with be invited to submit their Cryptoadz to be featured in the the game
  • 3D Feature Concepting
    • Matto and the Thousand Ant team lead brainstorming sessions in the Cryptoadz Discord to identify ideas for a custom feature in the game
    • When a feature is conceived and selected, build it in the game
  • Documentation Video:
    • A professionally produced YouTube video that documents the creative process behind the feature, shares some history about Toadz, the idea of Creative Commons Zero art, and explains how they came to be in Night Run

What will the video look and feel like?: The video will include a mixture of on camera footage of Matto talking, footage of the game and graphics. There are examples of other devlog videos in the series here in this YouTube playlist.

The Team: Thousand Ant is a digital agency with a focus on realtime 3D and game development. We work with organizations like Unity Technologies, Google, Microsoft, Terraforms by Mathcastles and JuiceboxDAO to help them create games, animations and educational content to inspire developers and creators.

Matto (aka Matt Schell) is the Managing Director of Thousand Ant and a generative artist working with code, realtime visuals and procedural audio. He’s released music for respected labels like Warp Records and also formerly served as the global head of online evangelism for Unity Technologies. He is a community contributor to web3 projects including Crypts and Caverns and Terraforms by Mathcastles. Thousand Ant has recently released our own first two NFT collections: Hypercastle Explorers, a project which is building a game engine SDK for Terraforms and The Idea Becomes A Machine, an AI mediated exploration of the work of Sol LeWitt with robots from the future.

Suspicious Seaweed (aka Tom Schell) is the Head of Operations for Thousand Ant.

Timeline: The timeline for the feature development is 6-8 weeks from the funding date. The video will be delivered two weeks after the feature is complete. Both will be “built in public” via the Thousand Ant and Cryptoadz Discords.

Communications: We’d like to communicate through the #community-grants channel during the proposal process, and we’d ask to set up a dedicated channel in the Toadz discord once production starts.

Benefits for Toadz and Toadz Holders:

  • Toadz holders will be invited to submit their Toadz for inclusion in the game.
  • The video gaming public on Steam will gain awareness about Toadz outside of the NFT bubble
  • Toadz holders who are interested in game development will get a front row seat for the process, the chance to ask questions and learn what goes into making a modern 3D game
  • It’s easy for Toadz holders to get involved and share their ideas because we’ll be communicating directly in the Toadz discord

Funds Requested: $15,000 USD ETH equivalent

Funds allocation & delivery

  • The majority of funds will be spent on developer, technical artist and 3D artist salaries for the time period of building the feature

  • A portion of funds will be used to pay for dev log video production costs

  • We normally operate on a 50% up front and 50% upon completion basis but are open to other milestone based structures if desired.


hey Toadz,

Just dropping through to share a video we did announcing the integration, we did a little proof of concept putting the Toadz onto billboards, on flying drone lights and did one 3d toad (mine) at the end as an idea. We’d love to build this out and make it a lot richer with support from this grant and with input from the community, include all the Toadz in the game, build custom bobble heads and make this a really cool experience with a lot of Toadz personality. Hit me up here or on Discord if you’ve got any questions. You can watch the video on Twitter here:


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nice proposal guys.
Hope you get the grants.
Do you know if the team is still here? I didnt see much activity on last months ;/