Sludge (CrypToadz Coffee)

Hi Doug –

I’ve added some instructions on how to add a snapshot vote. Please go ahead and do this once your proposal hits the 7 day mark and you’re ready for a community vote.

Hey! Vote is up. Wish I could edit the hyperlink to this thread as it takes you far down and not to the top. Maybe you can help with that.

Where’s the vote? I don’t see it.

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The vote happens on snapshot, not here. Snapshot

Thanks. I found the link in the instructions. I appreciate your help.

@dougfromtwitter Congrats on being our first approved proposal! Please reply below with a wallet you’d like the eth sent to for the grant.


I am humbled and honored. Thank you to everyone who voted and supported this project. I will work hard for sludge.

Address: 0xe737f748869123068FA496D428195Bc9F831f52F

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Initial funds sent. Please send us an update when you’ve completed your milestones and are ready for the second disbursement.


Got it. Understood. Thank you.

Hey @dougfromtwitter ,

Love the idea. I wanted to throw out my support in case it is needed. My good friend owns this coffee company in LA called City Bean Roasters. They hand craft everything from old school coffee machines and it is hands down the best coffee I have ever had… and that is saying a lot.

He has been asking me how to expand his brand more and I thought maybe there was a way to work together if your other supplier doesn’t pull through. Again, this guy is a coffee roasting legend and would make some pretty damn good sludge.

You can hit me on twitter if you have any need to connect. @SideWayzProfitz

Hey! Super grateful for this and would love to be introduced. Shoot me a DM on Twitter @dougboneparth and we will connect.

Definitely a little late here but

Hey Doug,
wanted to suggest doing a collab with my friends coffee company for Toadz. He already has partnerships and investment from the big celebrities who are also big in the NFT space as well as full vertical integration, farms, international manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

Hello, everyone! What an amazing 3 months it’s been creating Sludge for this community. We’re just about ready to go with a slated launch date of 6/20. Here’s what we’ve done:

In May, we ran our bag design contest and selected a winner who’s toad is featured on our Sludge bags. The art is designed by someone named Gremplin and it looks really, really good! Our contest winner is also getting 1 bag of coffee per month for the next 12 months!

We have selected Raleigh Coffee Company as our roaster. They will be using an exceptional single origin from Colombia that is simply delicious.

We are now putting the final touches on the CryptoDrip website and web3 enabled coffee shop. We hired the team at WenMint to help us make our vision a reality. You’re going to love what we’ve built and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Using our site to order Sludge is simple. Connect your digital wallet, add sludge to your cart and check out just like you would normally do in an online shopping experience. Our wallet connect plug in automatically knows if you own a toad and will apply all incentives/discounts when viewing your cart or checking out.

The first 100 bags of sludge are FREE for Toadz holders (1 bag per wallet holding at least one toad). After the first 100 FREE bags of Sludge are claimed, we will then offer a 30% discount to all Toadz holders. There is also free shipping for orders over $30.

As long as there is a demand for Sludge, we will continue to roast Sludge. We know CrypToadz is a global !vibe, but our store and operations can only support US-based customers at this time.

At this time we are requesting our final 2 ETH from the grant. Thank you and stay tuned.


Lets go! Great work Doug, can’t wait to try SLUDGE. Thanks for all your hard work pushing the toadz brand further, it is truly appreciated!

:coffee: :frog: