!Sludge cocktail Bartender/Meme/Art twitter contest

Thinking of doing something fun for this upcoming summer months, in order to make some more noise in twitter and raise engagement/awareness of our brand with a cool little contest:

Bartender/Meme/Art twitter contest


CryptoadzNFT official twitter account announces we are making a contest:

Duration, 3 weeks from the time the tweet is made.

How it works:

  1. Make a recipe for !sludge cocktail (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  2. Post your recipe along with fan art/meme/photomontage of a toad having your version of !sludge on twitter
  3. The top 5 posts (based on most likes) by the end of 3 weeks go ahead to the “tasting round”
  4. We do a twitch/youtube stream where Gremplin and others actually make the 5 !sludge finalists recipes and do a tasting.
  5. Winner gets announced on twitter, and gets a free Cryptoad! (and maybe a set of Cryptoadz coasters signed by Gremplin himself?)

Just a little fun idea that would cost the treasury no more than 2 ETH at current toad market prices.

Please comment if you like the idea, or would like to add/substract/change anything.


On second thought, I don’t like so much the idea of determining the finalists via twitter “likes” count.

Maybe the best !Sludge wont necessarily win with this method, and only the person with most followers will win.

Also I don’t know how to track effectively every twitter post.

Maybe we go with 1 toad = 1 vote on Discord? Twitter poll from CryptoadzNFT account? I’m a little lost for ideas on this one actually