Coinbase NFT partnership

I propose a treasury grant (amount TBD) to be put towards a collaboration with the Coinbase NFT team and develop a relationship to become a certified partner collection for their upcoming platform launch. This is something that I feel would get the Cryptoadz back in the NFT spotlight with minimal time commitment from the Toadz team (or whomever the community decides to coordinate this relationship). Even if this partnership involves utilizing a significant portion of the treasury, I firmly believe it will be worth it. The main appeal to this proposal is it will not require a roadmap, beta testing, or any other significant hurdles. It could be a relatively straight forward way to grow our project. Certainly, this would be time sensitive as Coinbase are likely moving towards launch in the near future. Thanks for your time.

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Ample time by the team has already been invested in pursuit of this, over multiple months.

You’re telling me Lazy Lions, Stoner Cats and Meka got it done, but our team didn’t? That’s not very encouraging. Perhaps this was prior to treasury and now we have some capital to negotiate?

Perhaps there are perverse incentives at play. :man_shrugging:

Is Coinbase partnership something that can actually be bought?

Perhaps the team has more insight into this topic. I’m not sure what it would entail. Does it sound like something you would vote to put funds towards?

Yes, depending on how much.

Me too. What’s the protocol for getting this put up for a vote?

While it would be great to be one of the coinbase launch partners, allocating even a single penny towards that is not something I would be in favor of at all. Eventually all projects will be available on coinbase unless they are problematic for the platform. The launch partners will get a temporary bounce to their floor price but in the long run it will achieve nothing for the projects to be there on day 1 vs month 2. I know some people that are buying up lower priced projects that will be listed on coinbase with their only goal to dump them on the new users in that first week. I believe coinbase will add us and feature us shortly after launch and we won’t have to allocate any funds for that.

At the end of the day we each have the power to get the project back in the “spotlight.” I really don’t see how paying coinbase to feature us isn’t just as perverse as paying influencers to pump us to their followers. It’s a definite no vote from me.