P-cc0 — Preferred cc0 Status: Bridging the Swamp

Proposal for Toadz:

P-CC0 — Preferred CC0 status

There are collections abound in the Toadz universe — CC0 was and is an impactful, expansive, universe-building choice and one that sets the Toadz apart as Toadz — that said, we as a community should now have a discerning eye as to the projects that should be sacred in our halls.

This is not to Poo-Poo on the paradigm or FUD any collection in particular—alas, as we step back from the frenzy that is and forever will be Toadz — let us take the prudent steps in accepting our Responsibilities as Swampors.

It is time for a P-CC0 — preferred CC0 status. What separates “Builders” from “buzzers” that saturate the Toadzverse? Sure all roads lead back to the OG toadz — but let us as a community have a sacred space held for the collections with runway for the future that truly reflect us and amplify the swamp culture.

In my time as a Toad, I see 2 derivative collections (outside of the holy MistelToadz, obviously) that deserve this acknowledgement:

  1. Croakz — a honest 3D reflection of the OG colllection — a true effort and original adaptation that 100% deserves to be side-by-side as the toadz companion translated to a 3D space
  2. G.I. Toadz — having Chris PR as well as Grelysian, David Horvath, and even Gremplin himself, along with other resonating artists and influencer, as contributing 1:1 artists deserves a place of recognition alongside Toadz

Showing community selectiveness is exactly what Toadz are at this point — we’ve gone thru the era of hyperbolic churn and vibe — and we will surely see more. But now, in this in-between, let us have this time of self-awareness to truly, as a community, reflect and curate the 2 other distinguished derivative collections that belong with note and utility alongside us.


From a front-end POV, to complete this, we just need a sexy lil’ addition to the site, a “Toadz-Sanctioned” — or “Toadz-approved” interactive section that will appropriately and beautifully display the Toadz Criterion C0llection — our community preferred Collections.

Everyone is allowed to play in the sandbox, but some castles should be revered.

Not only will this make a splash for the OG swamp, but it will draw eyes to the collections that truly resonate, bringing us all closer together as Toadz. As it stands now, we are splintered in our saturation. This is not to curtail what cannot be curtailed — anyone is welcome to CC0 it up for forever, thus the beauty of Toadz — this is just to put a definitive stamp at this time on what we have brought and wrought and what we choose to define and align ourselves with as community.


In this vein, the P-CC0 selected communities (Croakz + G.I. Toadz) will, in arbitrage, agree to forking percentages of sales back to the Toadz Treasury, furthering our grasp on the NFT landscape.

In the spirit of Keeping it !vibes, and for the volume a Toadz-blessing will bring to all mutual parties, I fully expect both parties to be amenable to a 4.20 Pay-out each, future royalties to the mother Toadz Treasury to be set at an appropriate 4.20%. Meaning all future sales from henceforth being granted p-CC0 status will direct back to the Toadz Treasury.

The mutual beneficence from this arrangement comes from the utility and the amplified network effects both p-CC0 parties bring:

  1. Croakz — gorgeous 3D implementation + Strong Community
  2. G.I. Toadz — OG Toadz + notable web3 artists that are ever-present and excited about the space

p-CCO members receive tiered-WL opportunities and distinction that comes with having a Toad. % Royalties from p-CC0 sales will further fatten Toadz treasury and encourage expanded longitudinal building in the web3 space. Toadz are builders. Toadz are bridge-makers.

In turn, a p-CC0 partnership announcement from the official Toadz communications will bring fresh news to a diamond-handed swamp community—with ever-growing eyes on NFTs, web3 and digital assets as a whole, this will further cement the Toadz community as the grail we rightfully are, and better yet, electrify + unify a larger community.


In that spirit, all p-CC0 token holders will be granted access to the halls of the #Verified Lily Discord channel, bringing a freshness to the swamp. Let us !vibe together.


CC0 is a never-ending, incredible joy-ride.

This Preferred-CC0 proposal is not to derivate from that core principle—rather to tap into our evolution as a treasury.

As discerning keepers of the swamp, this will not only bring new attention and eyes as web3 continues to expand, but will serve to solidify, amplify and unite communities that have truly done Toadz justice in their volume, effort, inclusion of emerging + established artists + personalities, and most importantly, in our love for Toadz.

P-CC0 is, in itself, a simple yet strong continuation of the cc0 legacy Toadz created — a permutation of the very paradigm that started and will continue our !vibe across volatility in an ever-changing space.

Not only will we be !historic, we will remain !relevant and unexpected—pavers of the path forward as we continue to apply the Treasury to build the digital asset future.

It is not a period, but a partnership—a stage not a stagnation—a nod to where we’ve gotten and an invitation to what’s next for all those who want to !vibe.


~14.269 ETH =

  • 4.20 for Croakz (arbitrage for 4.20% royalties fork to Toadz Treasury agreement)
  • 4.20 for G.I. Toadz (arbitrage for 4.20% royalties fork to Toadz Treasury agreement)
  • 2.69 for Klee (adjusting smart contracts thru-out accordingly)
  • 2.69 (front-end site development + communications)
  • 0.4269 (discretionary expenditures)