Metascraper Companion Mobile APP

Hello Toadz,

A little context about my project -
Metascraper is an NFT sniping tool that comes with a very knowledgeable and helpful community.

We scraped many collections and analized them. All the gathered data will feed our new mobile app, packed with the following features: Wallet Floor Value, Trait (Rank) Floor Alerts and a Good Deals customized section.

This app aims to be the de facto companion app for any NFT owner.
Ofc, the audience is much broader than the flipper-oriented one we targeted with our current tool.

Right now, our sniping tool works subscription based. We run weekly/monthly subscriptions and we also have a Lifetime Pass - which is an ERC-1155 NFT capped to 200 pieces. This lifetime pass has access to all the future tools we will develop, including of course the coming mobile app. We will issue a new NFT Light Pass for the use of the app only. We are looking for a strategic partner for these Light Passes and your project seems a perfect match. Your community will benefit with free Light Passes that you can distribute through raffles or other more incentivizing mechanisms. Or we can also do a free mint for all holders.

What do you think? I’m here for any questions :slight_smile:

Your faithful Toad,

PS: some useful links -

This could be interesting. This is a good place to mention that I’ve already built a free tool for Toadz to analyze the the floor pricing of different traits: :pray: :frog: