Splat Toadz (Sploadz)

Main Concept

Splats is a derivative project created by established NFT artist sylo that will liquify Toadz using fluid simulations. The main idea is to create an explosion of colour using the pixel values of the Toadz.

The colours will inform the simulation and provide the variation needed for each piece. We can visualize what happens when colors combine, and how they explode depending on their RGB.

I’ve been encouraged by initial splat tests with Toadz , and here are my initial tests.



Current status

I have already been working with the Nouns and developed a collection called “Splat Nouns”. My idea would be to make a new version of the Splats, where we can emphasis the toadz qualities.

I’ve already have the main simulation setup and have already started experimenting with some Toadz.

Requested Budget:

Would be great to receive support to deploy an ERC721 contract, mint and produce the pieces. With 3 ETH I should be able to deploy the contract and produce/mint 35 Sploadz in about 2 month. The minting can be done in stages, so there is visibility on the progress.

Fixed Costs

A couple fixed costs to consider (aprox):

  1. Deploying contract: 0.25 ETH

  2. Minting and transfer per Sploadz: 0.035ETH on an average gas day. This is just the process of putting the artwork on the blockchain and then transferring to another wallet (not considering the actual art work). For 35 sploadz that would be 1.225 ETH

So for the contract and minting/transfering 35 Sploadz it would cost 1.475ETH, leaving me with 1.525 ETH for the creating the collection (artwork). As we know this all depends on gas, so this is with me minting at 50-80 gwei.

Budget breakdown

  1. Initial payment of 1ETH, this would cover initial art development allow to deploy the contract and mint first 5 Sploadz.

  2. After that four payments of 0.5ETH which would cover 10 Sploadz each time, until we reach 35.

  3. After the contract is deployed and independently from the distribution of the first 35 Sploadz I will be able to take bespoke Sploadz requests at a an approximate cost of 0.069ETH per Sploadz. This would be a direct transaction between Splats and a Toadz owner. This would allow me to continue with the collection after the grant is received.

  4. A royalty of 5% will be set in the unlikely scenario that someone buys one of this toadz on secondary market.


  • The initial step would be to create a Sploadz prototype. This will define the artistic direction of the Splat Toadz collection.

  • Decide on:

    • A splating mechanic, what toadz will get splatted. Discuss this with the community.
    • Develop a trait strategy, possibly colour based


Having good quality art derivatives can elevate the Toadz brand.


Sylo is a UK based CG Artist and Designer using procedural tools to create abstract landscapes and realities. He develops complex 3d structures and brings them to life through the behaviour of light. He combines motion, design and sound to create innovative art films and stills.

This is just an initial pitch idea, and will happily discuss any necessary adjustment . Feel free to reach out at contact[AT]sylo.tv

Thanks for being our first proposal ever Splat! First, just a reminder in case you missed it in our medium post. Upon creating your proposal you enter a week long community discussion phase. At the end of a week this is eligible for going up for a snapshot vote.

As for the proposal itself, is there any way we could send you the ETH to pay for contract deployment first, then send you the rest when you’ve launched the contract and minted the Sploadz if this is voted for by the community? This helps us have a milestone to send ETH after some work is completed.

Thanks for submitting this! Would there be a mint cost in additional to the treasury funding?

In general, I would personally prefer to avoid funding things that are already generating substantial revenue for the creator, instead focusing more on public goods that lack a natural incentive.

Sounds like a unique idea for sure. What is the long term vision here? Could these be used in Sandbox or other metaverses one day? I think this could be a strong idea if you can find a way to bring value back to the treasury and/or CrypToadz in general. Keep building!

Hello, I’ve updated the payment structure of the prioject on the proposal. Hopefully this seems fair to everyone, happy to discuss this further if needed.

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

So in practical terms the funds will cover the mint price, and transfer of first 35 Sploadz.

After that, I would pre-mint and set a sale price for each Sploadz of 0.069, as this would help me grow the collection even further and keep the motivation going. I believe that this won’t be a considerate amount, as many might be left unclaimed, but it will be just enough to keep me going.

Hi guys,

Based on the feedback received I’ve changed the proposal budget and mint amount to 35 Sploadz . Like this there won’t be any mintings/transfer fees for the minted Sploadz for the treasury and everything is covered in the budget requested. To understand the reasoning behind this change, I’ve added a breakdown of the costs so you can see where the ETH is going.

Hope this makes sense, any questions please let me know.

Am I correct in understanding that you’ll mint 35 Sploadz almost as a commission from the treasury and then continue to individuals who want a commission for .069ETH per spload?

Of the 35 that are part of the 3 ETH from the treasury, you suggest 10 to the Toadz DAO, could you specify what that is? Do you mean the grants wallet? What would happen to the other 25? How would they be gifted out?

Thanks for the updates on the budget proposal. These make sense to me where you’ll be making custom Sploadz (if this proposal passes), and after you make and mint 5 we’ll send the next batch of ETH to you.

Thanks again for being our first proposal. We’ll work with you to get a vote up on our snapshot space when you’re ready.

Hey there,

Let me reply to your questions:

Am I correct in understanding that you’ll mint 35 Sploadz almost as a commission from the treasury and then continue to individuals who want a commission for .069ETH per spload?

Correct. On this new proposal we make sure the Toadz Dao receives the 35 sploadz directly without any additional costs.

Initially I suggested the grant help me with the cost of minting 100 sploadz, and then I would gain some ETH for my work from some of the sales. Don’t think many people liked this route as they wouldn’t get something directly from the grant. The compromise is obviously the amount of Sploudz.

Of the 35 that are part of the 3 ETH from the treasury, you suggest 10 to the Toadz DAO, could you specify what that is? Do you mean the grants wallet? What would happen to the other 25? How would they be gifted out?

Apologies this is confusing as I was answering a question in relation to the intial proposal. All 35 will go the DAO we can decide which Toadz will get splatted. Maybe we can create a raffle or some fun contest on the discord.

As you can see there are several ways the project can be started and developed. Also different budgets could accomplish different things. I proposed 3ETH as this seems like a reasonable starting point, but obviously more or less ETH could make the collection bigger or smaller.

Please let me know your thoughts or if something is unclear.

This all makes sense to me. We can put this up to a vote when you’re ready. I can see how we will put milestones on payment and your official proposal is now over 7 days old here. Congrats!

I’ve done the snapshot, you can now vote here if you would like this proposal to go forward or not:



Real shame the voting is weighted based on the amount of Toadz you hold. A whale with 17 Toadz single handedly shut the project down… You really should consider changing this, otherwise voting is pretty pointless…

EDIT: I think the amount of Toadz maybe could de accounted, but there should be a cap where say 5 is the MAX. (or something like that)

Deleted post as offering incentive was considered wrong, I respect that