Fund CrypToadz Prop House

Fund CrypToadz Prop House

Requesting 20 ETH to fund a CrypToadz Prop House.


Prop House is public infrastructure by Nouns DAO to help communities deploy capital to onboard builders and build up their ecosystems.

I am proposing that CrypToadz fund their own house to deploy capital towards builders building on Toadz.

How does it work?

The Prop House mechanism works via funding auctions: an auction where the “lot” is ETH and the “bids” are proposals.

Below is an example of how it would work with the CrypToadz community:

  • A funding round opens (e.g. 10 ETH for 5 winners at 2 ETH each)
  • There’s a 1 week proposal period where anyone with an ETH address can submit a proposal that benefits Toadz ecosystem
  • Once the proposal period closes, a 1 week voting period begins where Toadz holders vote for their favorite proposals (1 toad = 1 vote)
  • Once the voting period ends, the proposals with the highest amount of votes get funded

The requested budget is of 20 ETH to hold two funding rounds:

  • Round 1: 10 ETH for 10 winners a 1 ETH each
  • Round 2: 10 ETH for 5 winners a 2 ETH each

Prop House itself will take no fees from the process. 100% of the funds will go to the winners of the funding rounds. You can learn more about Prop House by visiting the web app

This is what the CrypToadz house would look like:


For communities to flourish, they should onboard builders to build on top of their IP so that the meme spreads far and wide in the most interesting of ways. Prop House enables just that by being a tool for communities to fund builders and allow them unleash their creative energies.

Most recently, Lil Nouns DAO funded two rounds for a total of 21 ETH that resulted in:

  • 65 proposals received
  • 16 builders were funded
  • 439 votes casted

You can review all examples of community Prop Houses by visiting the web app.


Hello, I’m Seneca, one of the founders of Nouns DAO. I started with the idea of Prop House about 7 months ago and have been building it ever since with the Prop House team. You can read more about our history through our proposals to Nouns DAO (23, 62 and 105).

Custody of funds

The funds would be held in a 3/5 multi-sig where the signers are the members of the Prop House team. When rounds finish, we would distribute funds to winners within 24 hours of the round closing.

safe: 0x5BcD6f3B0a5519D448FBDf33204091bbE097C992


If the community is happy with the results, CrypToadz can choose to continue to fund their Prop House with any arbitrary amount of funding they desire. I’d be happy to help the community use Prop House as a tool to build out the CrypToadz ecosystem!


Full support. Excited to see what gets proposed.


Love to see PropHouse here! Let’s go!

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Hell yeah! Can’t wait for this!

Really glad to see this coming together ~

This is going to be awesome!

Fully support this initiative

Like the idea. Let’s do it!

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Very interested to see how this turns out!

In full support of this. Can’t wait to vote in favor of a CrypToadz Prop House :handshake:

You’ve got my vote, great proposal

A snapshot vote can be found here:

Vote will end in 1 week or when quorum of 50 votes is passed.

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Excellent! Love to see the collabo between two amazing communities.

Love this. Had to vote yes on this and can’t wait to see what the community builds.