Animated Series Short/Pilot

I would love to see a Cryptoadz show someday. This would be a great way to continue entertaining ourselves and spread the vibes to people around the world.

In order to convince a producer to fund the project, we could use a grant to create an animated short or pilot. Maybe there are some good intermediary steps like making comic strips or super short youtube videos.


I can comment on this and say there’s definitely more to come from this front - CrypToadz_ Show by Woody would be a great asset of his skillset and even future proposals to write up a script to have it created by additional animators. – does this for a fixated price, but it would be awesome to see different iterations of the show being made. One pixelated, another 3D?

Maybe CROAKZ_ creator McGill would have time to be involved in the distant future?


I love the idea of an animated show and hope someone does work on this.

An alternative would be that we adopt a model similar to what is being done with which fits the theme we have a decentralized open collaborative community building an ecosystem together.

Video example of their story: Episode #1 // HITRECORD ON TV - YouTube

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