In 4-6 weeks, we beat Nike/RTFKT to market with a better project, and a physical sneaker

EDITED on 3/30/22 @8:50 PN Est.


Team: Myself, Jesse, Sean. Jess and Sean are brothers. Sean and Jesse have serious chops. They are both former designers at adidas. They have designed: Yeezy’s, and multiple NBA star shoes. They work in 3d rendering as a part of their design process

Project name: yxung-sneaks

NFT: 3d render full body avatar. Animated. the animation shows the avatar jumping over an object (jumping over a rug as it is “pulled”, or jumping over a “Floor Price”) mainly to convey overcoming obstacles. This will be a high end 3d render.

Utility: Each NFT avatar will be wearing 1 of 3 different sneakers, 4 colorways each.

Lastly, and this is the first kicker: The sneaker worn by the NFT is a REAL SNEAKER.

The owner of the NFT will not only be granted the sneaker, but a percentage of IP rights associated with the retail sale of these sneakers for LIFE. Passive royalties from the ownership of the NFT for life. (IP stuff more complicated.)

Creative DAO membership with access to developers, artists, and marketing for the development and launch of members own NFT projects on our VERY OWN trading platform ( )

I have in my possession photos of the IRL sneakers that I will retain for now until I know I can divulge to the team in private. Jesse wears the sneakers every day.

All manufacturing of the shoes for the entire collection can be completed within three months of launch with our small batch manufacturing partners that Jesse and Sean have from their former employment at Adidas.

Current Partners

1: “Cat” NFT team (yes one of the “Big” ones)
2: “Skull” NFT team (yes that one)
3: Iranian American NFT artist (one you’ve heard of)
4: Some others I’m working on


1: via we hope to collect 200 wallets from the verified community for allow list minting.

2: Announcement made in discord about the project notifying community that 200 wallets to be collected based on the first 200 verified toad owners to submit address.

3: I welcome twitter DM’s from creators from the community to offer project submissions to be featured on our sneakers!

I love you,

knocked.eth#8888 (@gitknocked)

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This all sounds really cool. It seems like you’re not submitting a proposal so much as you’re looking for official team collaboration with respect to the 200-person allowlist?

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indeed! I would like to add 200 fellow toadz to the allow list. Nothing grindy, just vibes

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I made an account on for the 200 wallets, and I think I did it right but I don’t know.