Public Good beer launch

What is it?
Public Good is a public domain beer brand, with its recipes and label designs available in public domain. Other breweries can use everything or launch their own versions of Public Good beers.

It is inspired by NFT projects, highlighting the rising power and ethos of cc0 communities. Cryptoadz has an special place in front of the label

The concept and label design was created by me, and the first beer (India Pale Ale style) is being produced by Cervejaria Narcose, in the south of Brazil.

The launch is scheduled for April ‘23

Current status
While the brewery is working on the launch within their community, I am working to rise awareness within the crypto space.

I placed a small grants proposal on Food Nouns (0.25eth currently under voting on Prop House) to fund the shipping of 20 media kits to crypto journalists/influencers in Brazil. The media kit includes a 6-pack and detailed project info. It aims to reach a combined audience of 500k people.

The very first public appearance of the project got a great attention on Twitter: with retweets from 6529 and others.

The beer isn’t pasteurized, thus unfortunately it can’t be shipped internationally. However, we can rise international awareness to accelerate the reproduction by other breweries worldwide. There are 2 interested already (in Minnesota and Amsterdam).

Requested Budget
I would like request 0.25eth to send additional 20 media kits and make the most of the launch, reaching out 1M people combined. I will report numbers and collect media for further use.

If granted, Cryptoadz will feature in the project website and press releases as “proudly funded by Cryptoadz” with a detailed description and links to the project.

Wallet: fabioseva.eth

In the next step we aim to partner with a big crypto event in Brazil and grow internationally.

What value will this project provide to grow the Cryptoadz ecosystem?

Cryptoadz is one of the OG and most successful cc0 projects. Public Good beer settles this heritage. The brand is a manifesto of the NFT community that appeals to the outer world.

@fabioseva - Cryptoadz#2175, lilnouns#125 - spearheaded the NounsDAO in Brazil with proposal 98, creator and cofounder of QueeneDAO

@cervejarianarcose - awarded brewery in Brazil

cc0 ftw! I think this is awesome and would love to see a US brewery integrated and help contribute too.

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Wooden Ship in Minneapolis is interested. they’ll be aware when we launch the website. There also US breweries already partnering with other Narcose products that might be interested in this project

Looks great- I’m all about this vibe!

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Thanks woody! How can I know that I have enough support to place the proposal?

Fan of this, I think CrypToadz will be happy to support this. The Toad is featured prominently, the design is great & the ask isn’t all that big. Would have my votes

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It won the Food Nouns prop round. Now going to snapshot to double it